How it works

Your favourite piece already been snapped up? Not to worry, you can easily join the Waiting List and receive Priority Purchasing in 3 easy stages!


Go to the sold out item's page in the EG shop. Instead of an 'Add to Cart' button, you'll see a 'Join Waiting List' button. Click this, and if you don't already have an account you'll be able to register for one first (this is necessary to join the list). Then simply click the 'Join Waiting List' button!


Once you've signed up to the Waitlist, you'll be given a position in the purchase queue. Then when we release a restock of that design, we'll invite the waitlisters at the front of the queue to purchase.


When you receive your purchase invite email, simply click through from the email to the EG Online Store and you'll be able to purchase the piece using the 'Add to Cart' button that only you can see! Then, we'll pack your piece up and aim to have it out to you within a week*!


  • There is no guarantee on lead times, i.e. how long you will be waiting between joining the Waitlist and being invited to purchase. Joining the Waitlist is not the same as placing an order. Joining the Waitlist is essentially putting your name in a queue for purchasing as and when a piece is released at a future date, meaning you skip the stressful panic shopping that ensues when a drop goes live.
  • Waitlists are only active for pieces which have had multiple requests for purchase.
  • We ask that you complete your purchase within 1 week of receiving your purchase invite. If this is not possible but you do intend to purchase, please email us at hello@eileengatt.co.uk. Otherwise, after 1 week elapses, we'll assume you no longer wish to purchase and your invite will be passed on to the next waitlister in the queue. If this happens but you did still wish to purchase, please get in touch and we can pop you back in the queue for the next release.
  • You can join multiple Waitlists, but we ask that you only join a Waitlist when you have the intention to buy that particular piece. We will be using the Waitlists to gauge which designs to bring back/develop.
  • If you wish to be removed from a Waitlist, please get in touch and we can sort that for you.
  • You can still place bespoke commission orders for non-stock designs and variations by emailing directly at hello@eileengatt.co.uk.


Why we're working smarter

Eileen Gatt is a small business, with only Eileen and her assistant Hanna working within the EG Studio. We don't have a large team, or various departments within our business, it's just 2 mums working their socks off, and sending small batches of outwork to other specialist small companies in order to manage our workload.

Eileen's work has been growing in popularity consistently year after year, and as such we've reached a point where our order books are at capacity.

In order to combat the long turnaround times on commissions and orders, and to enable both better time management and a healthier work/life balance for all involved, we've switched to a product release schedule, instead of having a constantly open shop. This enables us to work on commissions and design development in between Releases, and then create a collection of ready-to-ship pieces. We've removed the instant accessibility, but replaced it with immediate shipping after purchase.

This overhaul has enabled us to create a business that is becoming a joy to run, rather than the overwhelming backlog that we've been battling previously. We hope that this all makes sense, and goes some way to explaining why things are working a little differently than before.

As always, we are so grateful for you patience and support, and of course your much appreciated purchases. We hope the new Waitlists will help dissipate any frustrations at items selling out immediately.

If you have any further questions about how the Waitlist Priority Purchasing will work, please send us an email or Instagram DM and we'll be happy to clarify.

*We cannot be held responsible for delays in postal services which are outwith our control. Dispatch turnaround estimate does not apply to orders being shipped outwith the UK.